Our Committee/The Team


    Beverley Roberts
    Beverley qualified as a lipspeaker in 2003 and has a vast amount of experience working in a wide variety of domains. She is also a qualified British Sign Language interpreter (Leeds University)

    Qualified as a Chef and Advanced Patissier. Holds a signature level 3 qualification in modifying written English for D/deaf people. Established a successful work search programme in Manchester for unemployed D/deaf people. And has also owned a thriving garden centre which she set aside so as to focus her energy and passion to work more within the D/deaf and hard of hearing community.

    She deems it a privilege and an honour to have been elected as the chairperson of the ALS. It's her intention to work hard alongside the ASL team to promote both the ethos and the incredible lipspeaking skills of the ALS membership.

    Vice Chair


    Honorary Secretary

    Dilys Palin
    Dilys has gown up lipspeaking to her profoundly deaf brother. She attended a lipreading class and it was suggested to her by the tutor that she train to become a Lipspeaker.
    She learnt British sign language in 1989 and started to train as a Lipspeaker in 1996.
    Dilys has also maintained her CPD, attending various courses and has also passed a PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning) course in 2014.

     Through courses run by the Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies, she started to teach lipspeaking in 2007

    Of the 34 Lipspeakers currently on the NRCPD register Dilys has taught 19. 


    Phil Rees
    I first came across the Association of Lipspeakers whilst helping my deaf sister with her various work meetings when professional lipspeakers were unavailable. I qualified in 2016, and since then have enjoyed working across numerous fields: including government, social work, religious, medical and education.

    I have a background in educational marketing and arts administration, having worked for various agencies and organisations across London over the last 25 years.

    My family (partner, two teenagers, and one adored but rather stupid cat) have lived in East Dulwich, London; for the parks, galleries, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and even capricious transport system. I believe that lipspeakers provide an immensely valuable service, and that our Association fulfils a vital role in ensuring that deaf people can access, with confidence, the professional and experienced support necessary to engage fully with the wider community, be it in a work or social context.

    Membership Secretary

    Tina Holmes
    I come from an aviation customer service background and then worked in education for 10 years as a CSW. In 2008 I qualified as a BSL/English interpreter working with the Deaf community in various domains. I am a qualified Lipspeaker and keen to promote the profession to ensure accessibility for hard of hearing people.

    Membership Secretary

    Lindsey Carter
    Graduating from University College London in 2003 with a BA in Archaeology, I have worked on a multitude of conservation projects for various museums and at several historical sites around the world.

    I have also worked extensively in public speaking roles. Venues included primary/secondary schools, college, universities, museums and workplaces throughout the UK and Europe. Some of this work was undertaken for the charity sector and most recently included a position at Action on hearing loss (formerly RNID).

    I am a qualified lipspeaker who is keen to promote our profession and reach even more people who could benefit from our services. Passionate about equal access for everyone. I enjoy working with clients closely to ensure a personalised approach.

    Minutes Secretary


    Information Officer

    As the daughter of a profoundly deaf parent, Jules recognises just how isolating a world can be when you cannot directly communicate with it. She feel immensely proud to be a Lipspeaker, be able to facilitate communication and feels passionate about raising awareness of The Association of Lipspeakers.

    Providing communication through lipspeaking since she qualified has meant she has carried this passion forward. Jules feels honoured to be able to work in this profession to facilitate full access to communication so people feel empowered and can make informed decisions without feeling isolated from the hearing world.

    She hopes that through her role as information officer, she can further raise awareness of an Association she feels incredibly proud to be a part of.

    Special Advisor

    Lynne Dubin