Lipspeaking at Magna Carta 800 Celebration!

Two of our experienced lipspeakers, Carol and Tony, were fortunate to be lipspeaking at the Magna Carta 800 celebration event at Runnymede on Monday 15 June.

magna carta

The event was attended by The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William, Princess Anne and other members of the Royal Family along with the Prime Minister and 4000 invited guests.

Throughout the day the lipspeakers were lipspeaking to the speeches and announcements to a deaf member of the National Trust staff, as well as helping with the 250 volunteers. Although the day started on site at 5am for Tony and Carol, they were able to co-work and support each other along with their lipreader until late into the afternoon – the beautiful weather and environment certainly helped!

They even managed a quick ‘selfie’, along with a few other photo’s during the day!