Karen Ward

Karen Ward
Level 3
Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Middleton and the Greater Manchester areas


From the age of four Karen grew up with a deafened parent. My step-father (George) gradually started to lose his hearing in his teens. By the time he met my mum he had a bilateral servere to profound sensory-neural hearing loss. His deafness was caused by a hereditary condition. His father also was deafened and the same hereditary condition is now effecting my brothers hearing. From a very early age Karen was encouraged to ‘mouth it clearly’ and to ‘speak clearly’, who knew this would one day would be known as Lipspeaking!

Qualified Educational Communicator for the Deaf.

Experienced in educational settings, community work or employment areas for D/deaf and HofH people.

NRCPD registered level 3 Lipspeaker, and Level 6 BSL.

Can offer sign supported  lipspeaking/ sign supported English (SSE), if requested.

Qualified L3 in Accessible English for Deaf/deafblind people and in Modifying Text for Deaf/deafblind people.

Over 16 years experience working within the D/deaf and HofH people.

01706 653659